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Love, Medicine and Music (The flip side of the Sixties)


Love, Medicine and Music is my spiritual journey, written for the general public.


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The journey of a young man who follows his heart, to fight injustice and find positive alternatives to hate and violence. Lessons in survival and community are also part of the book, as the reader is led through a tenement life and the colorful community of the Lower East Side of New York.

Seeking meaning of life, the author becomes a staff member of the Northern Student Movement’s Harlem, New York office. The activism starts with education in a tutorial and becomes direct action, as the author is beaten and arrested many times for his protests in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. In August 28, 1963, the planning and experience of the March on Washington is described.

Many of the authors’ interactions with dignitaries and leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr.; Stokely Carmichael; Julian Bond; Sonny Liston; John Lilly, Jr.; Tim Leary; Ken Kesey; Swami Bhaktivedanta; Indhira Gandhi; John Lennon; and George Harrison are interspersed throughout the book. A change of pace takes the readers into life in Mexico, for some reflection and fun.  And after a short revisit to New York City, the author experiences a period of depression and decay, so he goes on the road and lands smack in the middle of the San Francisco’s swinging 60s. He narrates experiences of psychedelia and community, and the search for truth continues as the author eclectically embraces many cultural and spiritual traditions.  Meeting many mentors and teachers along the way, he encounters A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami who becomes his Guru.

Further adventures include meeting, living, and recording with the Beatles, and travels to over 40 countries. This unique adventure includes philosophy, history, humor and wisdom. The book examines the dynamics of individual and group consciousness and spiritual communities, and it suggests solutions for today’s problems.  A perspective of hope, healing, and survival illuminates the story, which was described as “vivid and a page turner” and “both enjoyable and profound.”  -Melinda Weinstein Ph.D.


Nick Nolte:
“I began your bio and I just can’t put it down–it’s brilliant–I hadn’t visited those years in a long time–it reads like a novel to me–a factual novel–I think it’s the best piece I’ve ever read on civil rights and what the blacks went through. . . Thanks G, this is a real treat, real tears, real inspiration, real pain, and real people.”

Radhanth Swami:
“Yours is phenomenal book.”

Paul H. Dossick M.D. (PK das):
“When Roger writes, his beautiful personality permeates through the words. His goal is always to uplift the spirit.
 He values his experiences, grows from them, and then expresses them so that others can get a sense of the experience. The 1960s were a time of revolution in values. We, the young people of that time, did not have a road map to follow.

Many went through it, few could write something meaningful about it. Those who gravitated to their inner consciousness, their spiritual reality, were so fortunate to have come into contact with His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad. He revolutionized the revolutionaries, to see things as they are. He smeared our eye with the salve
of transcendental knowledge, and finally gave us true direction to perfect our lives. The joyful experiences
of this experience could not be retold by anyone better than, Roger Siegel, affectionately given the spiritual name of, Gurudas. What can we learn from history? Roger will help to show the way.”

Karnamrita Dasi:
“I can’t say how excited I am to share this book that my dear friend Roger Siegel aka Guru Das has not only written, but LIVED!!! This is one of my most interesting, favorite!!!!, colorful, poetic and active friends! He was one of the principle active founders of the Civil Rights Movement, and then went on to share his love of music and spirituality with George Harrison and give his life in dedication to his Guru! He is one man full of stories and laughter!
Please, if you feel inspired…
Read his book! He always uplifts my heart and spirit!”

Bayahari Das:
“Just purchased, LOVE, MEDICINE, AND MUSIC; Guru Das Prabhu’s latest book! What a treat! All about his experiences during the exciting sixties This book isn’t your usual, sex, drugs, and rock and roll sixties, book, it goes to the heart of the Love, medicine, and music. A great writer! Allen Ginsberg, a friend of his from the old San Fran day’s, said,
”I think you have a few books in you” …..well he was right.’

Roy Richards:
“It’s been a real delight swimming in the subtle sound (reading) of your latest book. I honor your active engagement with issues so dear to my youthful heart. Reading about it was ecstatically exciting.”

Jean Harris:
“Dear Roger,
I’m really enjoying reading your book. I’m usually a quick reader and I sometimes scan, but I didn’t do that with your book. I read every word. I am savoring it, slowly, and identifying with so many places and people. This morning I was reading about your meeting with Jon Hendricks whom we also knew. I hope you’re achieving some satisfaction from your hard efforts at putting the book together. I know what that involves. I was really sorry when it ended and now am anxious to read about your time in India. Good work. Keep it up!”

Jadambika Devi Dasi:
“For all you thrill seekers. And non-thrill seekers. You must get a copy of His Grace Guru Das Prabhu’s latest book. I rarely endorse anybody’s books, but this one you must read. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Nice book!”

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